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Deva’s Flow Assurance Package

Deva specializes in providing specific treatment programs that aim at clearing any wax/asphaltene related debris that clog the formation pores and hence allow for enhanced oil well production. The program is a SINGLE POINT RESPONSIBILITY model where in we provide specially tailored chemical cocktail, specialized dozing program.

We are India’s only company to have successfully executed such contracts for ONGC Ahmedabad Asset, ONGC Mumbai Asset, Reliance India Limited, GNPOC and Petrodar, Sudan.

We provide solutions for the vertical regime as well as the horizontal regime.

Technology Centric Solutions

Deva has a state of the art technical lab facility with the latest tools required to provide complete client satisfaction. Our lab facility has worked tirelessly 24X7 for years and amassed a wealth of experience on tackling Flow Assurance Problems of crude oils

Doctors For Crude Oil

India’s only company to have successfully executed flow assurance contracts

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Flow Assurance For Crude Oil Transported Via Pipelines

Crude oils with high wax or asphaltene content are specifically problematic to transport over long distances due to gellation within the pipelines. Our specific program aims at keeping the oil in flowing conditions even during winter conditions and relieve the line pressures to manageable levels without resorting to mechanical methods like pigging

Deva has successfully completed Flow Assurance contracts for the ONGC Ahmedabad Asset for 2 years running.

a. South Kadi GGS to GGS Kalol
b. Gamij GGS III to Gamij GGS I to Ramol GGS

A Service Package That Works For Your Business.

At Deva, we take care of our customer’s specific needs, factoring in individual well data, environmental factors and crude oil behavior to determine the most optimized service package possible.

Flexible Solutions For Your Business Needs

Our Method

Identify flow problem

Analyse the problem

Suggest a custom designed service package for your needs

Provide complete mobilization of men, materials and equipment

Provide guaranteed results for 100% client satisfaction.

Chemical Dozing Equipment

Based on individual oil wells chemical dozing pumps are fabricated to suit customer needs.

Customers can take benefit of our vast experience in Dozing technology to derive optimal benefit from our services

Technical Personnel

We provide a dedicated team of qualified personnel with experience to handle customer needs, make onfield decisions, provide onfield expertise on dosage stabilization and optimization.

Onfield Testing

Deva conducts online testing of the treated crude oil at field site to ensure complete client satisfaction and 100% transparency. Testing is conducted as per latest ASTM Standards to ensure service compliance.

Technology At Work For You

Connecting your business to the technology resources you need

Our Esteemed Clients

Petrodar operating company

Adar and palouge crude oil blend treatment

Only indian company to have successfully completed flow assurance program in Sudan

Ahmedabad asset flow assurance for trunklines and wells

Mumbai high, well cleaning and productivity increase program

Assam asset

Rajamundhry ssset

Mehasana asset

Cambay basin onshore discovery

CB10 AA1 and CB10AJ1 well flow assurance program for transport of oil over a distance of 400km

Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company

Only Indian company to have successfully completed flow assurance program in Sudan