DEVA WAX –SERIES is a blend of polymeric compounds, wetting agents and paraffin wax solvents.

DEVA WAX –SERIES functions by removing paraffin wax deposits and minimising the further deposition of paraffin wax. It will also improve the cold flow characteristics of crude oil/condensate

DEVA WAX –SERIES dose not contain any material considered to be damaging to refinery catalysts.


To present paraffin wax deposition in an essentially clean system (after pigging) continous injection at low dosage levels is recommended. (15ppm-1000ppm).

To remove deposits, a batch treatment ‘soak’is recommended. This can be achieved by mixing DEVA WAX –SERIES with either oil/condensate or water. If the oil has low water cut, then water is the preferred diluent. DEVA WAX –SERIES will not function correctly in systems containing less than 1% water, unless water is added to the inhibitor. In dry systems containing less than 1% water, the inhibitor should be dispersed in water or brine prior to use. A 2-20% dispersion of the inhibitor in water or brine is allowed to ‘soak’ for 18-48 hours before pumping out. For wet systems a 2-20% solution in hydrocarbon or water/brine may be used.

Typical Properties

Appearance Brownish liquid
Specific Gravity @20°C 0.85
Flash Point °C PMCC 63
Viscosity @20°C 20 cps
Pour Point Less than -10

Handling & Safety

Protective clothing, gloves and goggles should be worm. For eye contact, irrigate with water for 15 minutes. For skin contact wash with soap and water. If irritation persists seek medical attention.

Customers are urged to ensure that the products are entirely suitable for their own purposes. Deva Drill Tech can frequently help in these technical decisions, if required.