DEVA DEM-SERIES is a complex blend active agents and wetting agents designed to migrate to the oil/water interface inorder to rapidly break any emulsion to give clean oil and clean water.


DEVADEM-SERIES should be injected using a chemical proportionating pump into the fluid to be treated at a point as far as possible upstream of the dehydrators or desalters.

For dehydration when heat is employed the dosage tends to be about 10ppm for most applications, there are however occasions when this treating ratio may have to be adjusted either in the upward or downward direction depending upon the nature and tenacity of the emulsions.

For desalting using electrostatic precipitators the dosage will be in the range of 1ppm to 5ppm.

Treatment dosage rates depends on several factors such as:-

  • Type of emulsion
  • Degree of agitation in the system.
  • The Gas/Oil/Water ratios.
  • Treating temperature
  • Residence or coalescence time
  • Quality of wash water (for desalting applications)
  • Design features of the dehydrator/desalter.

Typical dosage would vary between 10ppm-150ppm depending on the above mentioned factors.

Typical Properties

From Brown free flowing liquid
Specific Gravity @20°C 0.90-0.95
Flash Point °C (PMCC) 70
Pour Point °C More than 0


DEVADEM-SERIES is packed in 200 liter non- returnable drums.

Customers are urged to ensure that the products are entirely suitable for their own purposes. Deva Drill Tech can frequently help in these technical decisions, if required.

Handling & Safety

DEVADEM-SERIES is considered to be non-hazardous. However, due care should be taken when handling the product. Avoid exposure to skin and eyes.
In case of skin contact wash with soap and water. Launder clothing prior to re-use.
Store well away from open flame and sources of ignition.
Do not store in improperly marked containers.