DEVACOR-SERIES is oil soluble water dispersible, film forming corrosion inhibitor specifically developed to mitigate the effects of corrosion in light hydrocarbon streams. The inhibitor does not impart emulsification tendencies to light hydrocarbons and is completely soluble in condensate, diesel etc.

It does not have detrimental effect on downstream such as glycol dehydrators etc. It is stable at temperatures upto 270°C and such makes an excellent corrosion inhibitor for even high bottom hole temperature wells.

Typical Properties

  • May be applied for tubing displacement, formation squeeze, injection truck or continuous feed for bottom hole treatment
  • For crude oil transmission line/gas transmission lines
From Dark brown liquid
Specific gravity 0.85-0.93
Flash Point PMCC°C >40°c
Pour Point <60°c
Viscosity @20°C 24cPs
pH(1%solution in IPA) 7.5


DEVACOR-SERIES is packed in 200 liter steel drums and is also supplied in bulk road tankers

Customers are urged to ensure that the products are entirely suitable for their own purposes.

DEVA DRILL TECH (I) LTD can help in technical matter, if required.


  • Effective in high h2s containing streams. It is also effective in less corrosive CO2 media
  • Gas and oil gathering transmission lines
  • Due to its ‘NON-GUNKING’ tendency and high temperature stability it makes an idela candidate for the squeeze treatment and batch treatment of oil wells.

Handling & Safety

  • No special precautions are needed other than normal hygiene practice for handling of industrial chemicals.
  • Avoid all contact- prolonged contact may cause irritation of skin
  • Rinse affected areas with soap and water
  • For eye contact- irrigate with fresh water for at least 15 minutes