Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer (Regular) - DEVA PAC - REG


DEVA PAC –REG is a high yielding polyanionic cellulose polymer which is used as a viscosifier, fluid loss reducer and scale inhibitor.

DEVA PAC –REG is a high performance product, readily, dispersible in water base drilling muds ranging dosage.

DEVA PAC –REG has excellent tolerance for various ions such as Mg⁺⁺, Ca⁺⁺ other than Na⁺, K⁺


DEVA PAC –REG can be successfully applied in fresh water, sea water and KC1 drilling fluids.

Rheology, fluid loss and the scale inhibiton are closely related to the presence of the polymer in the water phase and to the absorption on solids.

Consequently a replacement of the polymer lost on drilled cuttings has to be considered.


DEVA PAC –REG is stable up to 300°F, according to lab test.

Several factors in mud treatment can increase this when applied in the field.


Typical results:

PPB. Distilled AV Water YP Sea AV Water YP Salt AV Water YP
0.5 13 12 6 2 9 2
1.0 24 24 14 8 19 12
1.5 37 41 24 20 35 30


DEVA PAC –REG should be added through the hopper at a rate of about 20 min/sk. at doses of 0.5-2.54 ppb.

Typical Properties

Appearance whitish free flowing powder
Moisture max. 8%
Brookfield viscosity min. 3100cP
(1% 20°C) 9-11
pH(1% sol.) min. 7
Toxicity non toxic

Health and Safety

Detailed information on handling and eventual precaution to be observed in the use of the product can be found in our relevant health and safety Information sheet.


Multiply export paper bags, with internal p.e. coating.
25 X Kg. X 40 bags per non-returnable pallet, wrapped and strapped.
Gross weight : 1.020 Kg.
Approx. cubage : 1.5 m³
Optional extra : Heavy duty cardboard box- jungle box.
Customers are urged to ensure that the products are entirely suitable for their own purposes. Deva Drill Tech can frequently help in these technical matters, if required.