Defoamer - DEVA - DFOMX


DEVA – DFOMX is a general purpose silicone based defoaming agent.


DEVA – DFOMX is effective in all water based fluids, It has been studied to obtain the balanced dispersibility in drilling fluids thus allowing high effectiveness at very low damage. It can be used at any temperature, pH and viscosity of the drilling fluid.


The recommended dosage and treatment frequency will depend on the severity of foaming.

However as a guideline, concentrations in the range of 0.28 -1.53 kg/m³ (0.1-0.5 ppb) will be effective in most of cases.

Typical Properties

Appearance white liquid
Specific Gravity Approx. 1.0
Flammability not flammable

Health and Safety

Detailed information on handling and eventual precautions to be observed in the use of the product can be found in our relevant Health and safety Information Sheet.


55 US gall. Non-returnable iron drums.
Dimensions: 60 X 90 cms.
Customers are urged to ensure that the products are entirely suitable for their own purposes. Deva Drill Tech can frequently help in these technical matters, if required.